Episode 2 Web Culture Wars Shiny Objects and Data Analysis

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As smaller operators we often have a massive advantage, we don;t need to capture heaps of complex ‘data’ about our audiences because we are one of them. Web culture continues to be a major battleground for the jostling for power and influence, and we as web culture participants have an important part to play.

Digital Media for a Noisy World Episode 1 Digital Literacy

Welcome to this introduction, I present unique services and support for my people. I see everywhere very clever and capable people who are striving to get their subject out there, and present their value to equally good people who seek to benefit and access the powerful communication resources of the World Wide Web.

Are You A Non-Believer?

This little excerpt from the very famous series “Mad Men” reveals something that is still very much a part of today’s business world, needing to convince people that connecting with the ‘target market’ is extremely effective! The era of Madison Avenue advertising approaches is definitely over, but the psychology and creative ideas which were derived […]