Build Your Independent BLOG

Have you been wanting to go ‘all in’ and finally get your own privately owned Blog, but you are unsure of the technical steps? 

How about a package of resources, and services which directly enable you to get started, build out your site, get hosted on premium cloud infrastructure, receive technical advice and direct ‘hands on’ support, be certain of security, search engine optimization practices, content production help…and an incredible range of benefits and resources.

OK view the short video below to get the inside story

For the one low monthly gratuity, which is what many people fork out for hosting by itself, you receive premium quality services which directly support you in your quest to establish your identity as a specialist, a ‘thought leader’, a published writer. Get lots of help, hands on support, SEO and configuration assistance, integration of your Podcast.

WebStruct Pro Blogger and Digital Media Support Community -for professional people, serious bloggers, empire builders, creative introverts, and maverick idea types. Non Generic, Genuine.

*If you have reservations about my .XYZ top level domain, consider that Google ‘Alphabet’ also uses this, look for yourself @

premium quality cloud hosting included

Many bloggers get caught in the trap of using ‘consumer grade’ hosting,  get Amazon Web Services hosting (as used by Netflix) included in this amazing offer. Your own cPanel which enables you to have complete management of your site. Domain based Email, additional sites, powerful secure.

WordPress CMS

You have probably heard that WordPress is the best framework for building blogs, it is true! You get a fully installed copy of WordPress, bring your own theme, or use my preferred option ‘Astra’. Learn as you go, or apply your existing skills, discuss your blog with other blog builders. Gain access to the global WordPress community.

Technical & Creative Blogging Community

When you purchase your monthly package, you enter a supportive, like-minded blogging community. Have your questions answered, problems resolved, get fresh ideas for content writing, this is a unique and dedicated place which is just not available without paying huge fees usually. The best web resources, top quality tools and shared knowledge. Additional options being considered for the future.


The essentials

Everything you will need to begin, present, promote your content for this very special opening price

$ 18 50
  • cPanel account with WordPress fully installed
  • Critical Plugins Installed & configured
  • Hosting on AWS EC2 Included
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Creative & Technical Advice and Community Support
  • Nothing More To Pay
Superb Value

This remarkable offer represents the foundation of a unique Blogging community which is linked with Quora writers, and independent thinkers across the web. Take the step towards becoming a truly independent digital media personality. Any future developments and services will be offered to you at special rates. This one monthly fee covers all of your AWS hosting, security, technical support, creative assistance, promotional efforts and includes your membership in the support community. 

Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman provides technical and creative support for entrepreneurs and world-wide-web publishers, he is a top writer on Quora and is an advocate of open source and independent projects.


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