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Pages on the web can take many forms, we can have single pages which present a lot of information, they can be a part of a sequence which we publish in order to promote a single product, or a menu of services. We can create any type of page you might need, and we can publish them to the web for you. Presentation, or landing pages, one page sites, event posters e.t.c

Owning your Media Platform is a distinctive and powerful declaration of independence. A domain name, and multiple pages which present your identity, informs and invites your visitors to connect, provides opportunity to communicate and offers a branding statement, this can be extremely effective. Additionally a website can be optimized to be highly visible to specific topic headings, and subjects, together with geographic locations.

WordPress offers us a comprehensive and powerful media building framework, hosted and supported on EC2 from Amazon Web Services, your site can provide the means for your identity and content to be widely distributed, thus building your name, and reaching specific audiences. You can offer podcasts, online courses, regular high quality written text presentations, of course eCommerce is another powerful means to sell services and goods of different kinds.

Contact me to set up a discussion, and project scope meeting, WordPress offers us a versatile, SEO-ready and powerful digital media build tool kit.

Hosting refers to the digital ‘real estate’ of the internet. The server space on which your digital publication is located, the publishing medium. We provide powerful, global online hosting on our own proprietary system, based on the Amazon Web Services infrastructure. This hosting offers online publishers a truly global reach, but also powerful local visibility also. The AWS infrastructure is the preferred medium for United States military, and intelligence community publications, for major business, and retail corporations, for Netflix, and Expedia. We offer unlimited hosting for our preferred clients, providing a trouble-free, seamless publication service. All of your published media, from single pages, podcasts, videos, your text & copy is hosted on AWS. The customer list of Amazon Web Services reads like a ‘Who’s Who’ of successful business and media success, this is why I choose to develop on it.

I offer advanced, and specialist written content services, editing, article writing, project writing, advice and education for the use of English on the web.

My Quora profile: https://www.quora.com/profile/Michael-Gorman-12

Contact me to discuss your English language requirements.

Audio content is gaining in popularity, people have re-discovered the magic of listening to human beings share their stories, ideas and knowledge. The ‘theater of the mind’ is once again current, we are skilled with audio production, and publishing your podcast to your own website, and podcasting syndication sites such as ‘SoundCloud’, or ‘Google Play’. The intimacy, and focus which audio content can provide offers us a uniquely rich opportunity to build a relationship with specialized listeners, benefit from the experience gained from Radio, and apply this to the digital format, leverage the powerful convenience of internet technology and its enormous capacity to target and distribute content to its audience segments. I can provide advice for equipment, microphones, audio interfaces, digital audio workstation software, editing, intro music, voice delivery. Once we have our MP3 file, we need to host this, and distribute it widely. Podcasting is truly a media type of great popularity and growing relevance.

Social Media is a very powerful communication media, gaining each day in reach and engagement. The billions of people who use some kind of social media daily offer us an opportunity to reach them, set up conversations, invite them to join a group that addresses a shared concern, or learning opportunity, manage groups and communities, or simply post high value content from your brand location to build engagement.There is a lot more to social media than the superficial hype driven approaches being promoted generically. People respond to authenticity, and the opportunity to participate with support groups, learning communities, and all kinds of projects and ventures are discovering the hidden power that social media can provide. The promotional platforms behind these social media sites can offer us very reasonable costs for informing specific markets about our message. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn can be very useful to professional and business focused people. I can provide genuine assistance with your social media efforts, I can also employ the talents of others, my team members include very skilled social media specialists.Legacy media, education establishment & government bodies are all working against social media as it represents a direct threat to their power and authority. We as independent publishers, and ‘net citizens’ can use social media to build communities and communicate effectively.

WEB Consultation: I can provide insights, technical direction, project management, project Agile processes, creative and technical services.

IT: I provide information technology support, ‘hands on’ repairs, equipment installations, troubleshooting on a system level, guidance and instruction.I can also source equipment at very reasonable costs.

Education & Public Speaking: I am available for keynote, and education seminars, lectures and discussion groups, contact me from the site contact for inquiries.

Cloud consultations. I work with AWS, contact me to set up a meeting, face-to-face or virtual, to discuss cloud builds and options.

Ransomware, Malware, Hacking and other malicious threats are all too common these days. With your data, and your business at risk, you need to be able to access effective means to prevent these attacks, and also Security work that actually helps you to overcome these threats. I and my team have well over 20 years Cyber-Security, and IT Security experience. Contact me to initiate Security services.For urgent cases I offer a fast track option.

The World-Wide-Web can be regarded as being a giant Publishing House, we have the capacity to produce our unique content and distribute this across the web, the world if we choose. Web content is today's "Mass-Media", those who appreciate this are best placed to harvest the rewards, and gain access to the hearts and minds of their audience.

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This is where I tell you something about ‘us’ and in keeping with my practical and no-nonsense attitude, I present practical and effective web services for today’s communicators, writers, thinkers, people who have a genuine and authentic intention to communicate, to express, assist and to inform others. My approach to information technology has always been essentially “practical”. The WebStruct project represents a unique creative/technical community on the World Wide Web. We are strictly independent & non-corporate.