Practical Moves For Digital Literacy

Everyone knows that the Web is the true focus, and medium of the 21st Century.

The point is, can you work with the web? 

Do you know how to build your own, fully managed media platform?

Do you fully grasp the opportunity for building your place in today’s web-driven economy?

The Wheels Are Turning, Change Is with Us

“Digital Literacy” is about your ability to present concepts, communication, ideas using the resources of the World Wide Web, ‘Coding’ is not the true focus, this is not about coding!



Media platform

About the best option for creating a web presence, a location, a platform is the content management system offered by WordPress. This is also the best framework to learn how the entire WWW works. Nothing else performs so powerfully, not 'Squarespace, not so-called 'Full Stack' projects. Learn as you build, be supported, gain powerful resources.


Podcasts have become incredibly successful, popular media types. People love the convenience, being able to consume a massive range of different topics, to learn and discover. Kind of like the good old days of Radio! Learn what is needed, gain access to "no terms of service" hosting (AWS) discover how to get approval from iTunes, be fully supported and assisted!

Hosting & resources

The skills to build, present, promote and optimize digital media are great to develop, but all of this needs resources, web-fire-power! WebStruct is powered by AWS, and this is what your work will also be powered by. If you have no clue what Amazon Web Services are about, you can look this up. I will wait here for you...(coffee time!) See what I mean?
Your own cPanel account, the foundations and internet real estate.

Discover How

Digital Literacy & Practical Skills

Offering the means for people who are interested with becoming effectively 'Digitally Literate', building on the foundational IT and media skills which are used for developing Web projects.
WebStruct offers a unique, comprehensive learning experience for adults who understand the critical importance for expanding their abilities and insights into the World Wide Web.
This is about real people, facing the real issue of social change.
Through building specific skills, and abilities with Content Management Frameworks, and the different types of digital media that are published, the individual is provided with a tangible, usable skill set that can lead to further studies, new jobs, independent career paths IT/Web skills can offer the means for transformational growth.