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If you have been looking at commencing with a ‘Web Project’ and you have been searching for Web Services & Support that is non-corporate but high value then check this out below. Just send me your details at this stage, no sales, nothing being sold right now, I just want to know about you!

Video Below Describes Mike 'Pappy' Gorman's Incredible offer of Help


EC2 Hosting waiting for your Podcast, Blog, Media Project
Different packages to suit different project types.
No rip offs, highest speed and quality

creative support

This is not 'Hostgator' I & and my team of seasoned web guys know about digital media, podcasting and writing, send me your details, and describe your circumstances!

Technical support

This is about genuine technical smarts. Learn more about 'Digital Literacy' as you develop your projects. This is not a giant corporate entity, so we can be nimble, flexible and deadly effective.

that touch of magic

Sometimes all we need is that chance encounter, that unique piece of information, that insight which is critical to will experience magic support and help 🙂

Send Me Your Web Goals & Ambitions
I Will Tell You What I Can Do For You