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Mike Gorman is unique in the field of Information Technology & Web culture, hands on support, combined with advanced adult learning skills, no nonsense assistance, resources and powerful support!

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The Web is of profound significance to our lives, we need to understand how we can translate ourselves into the WWW form of what we do, grow our identity and our audiences, become more effective!


There are a lot of so-called 'experts' out there who offer courses, and education, but so many of them are utter vagabonds! Join with me, and discover this amazingly powerful, and critical skill set, learn how to actually 'do things' build media, promote what you build.


The entire approach of this project is powerfully 'hands on' Grow your understanding, build your skills and confidence through following along, and being supported by me and my associates. Mike Gorman takes you through understanding the huge opportunity that the WWW truly is, learn how to work with the printing press of the 21st Century.

Tell me what you want to achieve, I'll show you how you can get there.

This is the start of something very powerful, practical and real. If you want to build your independent path, to learn and understand digital media, or if you want someone who understands your ambitions to ‘do it for you’ or some form of both! Then sign up and let me know your plans.

Mike Gorman has been working with Information Technology, and ‘The World Wide Web’ since 1996. 

Gurus come & Go, join an authentic learning community, gain support, and discover the secrets of how to publish on the World Wide Web!


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Building your web HQ is a vital link in the chain of communications we must put together these days. The world has changed, we must seize the opportunity of building our own path.

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Digital Publishing

Discover how you can learn to create multi-media presentations, become a 21st Century publisher, be supported, tutored, access powerful resources.

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If  you have been looking at establishing your ‘Web Presence’, building your assets, creating unique content, becoming visible on the World Wide Web then the best time is always ‘Now’ to begin, partner with me to access powerful skills, resources and tangible results

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