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"The 'Digital Divide' determines more outcomes for today's communicators than just about any other factor"
Mike Gorman
Digital Media Specialist

I help people with digital

This is a simple presentation, I provide powerful, effective technical & creative resources which are devoted to the outcome of developing Digital Media for you.

You will see everywhere on social media, offers of services, but which ones actually help you? 

You see, it is becoming more critical each day that you can communicate online, that your identity and distinctive content is visible to the right kinds of people.

My job is to enable you to become more visible, more relevant, more accessible to the people who are interested, and in need of what you do, what you offer and provide.

I am located in Perth, but I help people from all over the world, this is the great power of the World Wide Web.

If you are a distinctive, capable, remarkable, creative, accomplished person, and you seek to build an audience, or reach a specific group of people. If you operate a specialized business of any kind, we know that the WWW is where we have to present it.

Web media can include all of the multimedia types – Text, Graphics, Audio, Video. I enable you to build, optimize, present and promote your media on the various platforms of the WWW, but significantly, to also establish your headquarters which becomes, essentially your Media Platform from which you then Syndicate your content.

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We Build Effective, No Nonsense Sites Which Promote Your Cause

custom web builds

One of the most popular digital media services I provide is building branded self hosted sites. Mobile responsive, versatile, the site is our media platform which enables us to syndicate content, promote our identity. with my team I am able to provide a comprehensive and dedicated range of technical and creative services. 

Your site becomes your Web HQ.

I call them ‘HQ’ sites because they operate as your head quarters on the WWW. These HQ sites behave as our media platform, we can publish our creative media productions to them, which powerfully identifies them as being distinctively ours. I use the enormous power of WordPress, Amazon Web Services, which when combined with technical and creative skill produces highly effective outcomes.

Hosting is a critical link in the technical chain, I offer Amazon Web Services based hosting, EC2. 

Landing Pages: These are single pages which deal with a specific objective, I build landing pages, host them, optimize them also. We can create landing pages from our site, we can publish our podcast, articles, videos.

Page sequences offer us a uniquely powerful means to deliver promotional campaigns.




Web promotion

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter… and actually many more alternatives are places where billions of people can be found each day.

Being able to present effective content, and use the advertising resources on these sites is very puzzling for many people.

This is another aspect of the services I provide. Context is very important for social media promotions, attention & relevance are the critical words.

I help you to review what you already have done, and to adjust your approaches so that you can actually gain results from social media.

There is a lot of nonsense being peddled out there concerning social media, we see corporate, and tech companies offering generic styled training, a one size fits all approach; this is not how you connect and communicate with people. 

Social Media can be a flexible communication tool for all types of specialist areas, from education, medicine, science, social and political subjects, the ability to create groups and communities with an already present audience is there.

Knowing how to post, or implement features, assemble pages, construct opportunities for interactive and valuable communication, I can help you in ways you might not have thought of.


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Mass Media & Human Connection, Reaching Your Audience

podcast production

I help with audio production
Podcasting is a powerful means to build your media message

I help people to produce audio podcasts. The podcast is an audio media type, usually an MP3.

You might be surprised to discover just how in-demand good podcasts really are. You might be equally surprised at the range of topics which podcasts can cover, probably including your area, or specialty.

We can look at all of these different media as opportunities to assemble your ‘Media Company’, to regard them as building your message, your stories which can demonstrate how you think, how you solve problems, how you work. This is what people are fascinated with. This represents an opportunity to execute on ‘content promotion’.

Although the digital media world seems crowded, and difficult to break through, this is an illusion, there is a vast audience of willing and interested people who are very motivated to learn, and discover from your content. We just have to make them aware that you are there!

A lot of people seem to think you have to compete with all the other podcasts out there, what we need is to target a specific segment of the audience, which is why you need to set up your production in a distinctive, and technically specific way, we can determine our audiences through optimizing, and through carefully put together promotional campaigns.

Podcasting is a powerful, creative and popular media type, being an independent producer is always more effective in the long run, I offer you the opportunity to successfully produce your distinctive, unique podcast and to syndicate this across the WWW.

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