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"The 'Digital Divide' determines more outcomes for today's communicators than just about any other factor"
Mike Gorman
Digital Media Specialist

I help people with digital media

This is a simple presentation, I provide powerful, effective technical & creative resources which are devoted to the outcome of developing Digital Media for you.

Education, Learning, Information. The delivery of these has completely been revolutionized. Using WordPress, AWS and add-on technologies which massively expand function and application can enable you to build your independent path. This is reality.

Too often in this space we have people assuming the authority to define what is the best approach, the style of presentation, and much too often this is inauthentic ‘high energy’ cheesy, hype-driven and quite frankly B.S

I am located in Perth, but I help people from all over the world, this is the great power of the World Wide Web.

If you are a distinctive, capable, remarkable, creative, accomplished person, and you seek to build an audience, or reach a specific group of people. If you operate an information-based business of any kind, we know that the WWW is where we have to present it.

Web media can include all of the multimedia types = Text, Graphics, Audio, Video. 

I enable you to build, optimize, present and promote your media on the various platforms of the WWW, but significantly, to also establish your headquarters which becomes, essentially your Media Platform from which you then distribute your content, offer your learning/music/writing/education, present your podcasts, build your own audiences.


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Your fully owned MEDIA PLATFORM
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WebStruct digital media for a noisy world
Web+Construct+Crane = Highly Practical

media center & pages

One of the most dynamic digital media services I provide is building branded self hosted publications. Mobile responsive, versatile, the site is our media platform which enables us to syndicate content, promote our identity.

The role and function of web page projects is now more about providing a Media Center which brands our content, providing the means to present courses, podcasts, articles, and a whole range of media content production. Owning the ‘Means of Production’ represents a very powerful opportunity in today’s changing world.

Your site becomes your fully owned Media Platform.

Education/Learning is a huge area that is growing online. Learning Management Systems which we add-on to our WordPress media center. We can in fact build an independent learning community from our fully owned, self managed platform.

Hosting refers to the cloud location of your page/application/podcast/media platform. I provide internet hosting for clients built from AWS infrastructure, this is inclusive of my project services.

If you are curious, ambitious, have a degree of chutzpah, have a degree, or massive experience and skills you can develop your own learning communities.


Landing Pages: These are single pages which deal with a specific objective. We can build individual landing pages, minus the ‘header’ if needed, from our WordPress media system. Landing pages enhance the media options we have to present our projects.

As you can see, I call my media center: WebStruct
And it has a crane poking up from the name, the name is made up from  World Wide Web + Construction. I have an essentially practical approach to web media, putting it together. I also teach, as I develop.

If you are seeking something a little different, which also supports and enables your intentions, avoid the typical, generic services, they simply couldn’t care less about your goals, it is all about ‘bums on seats’ for those people. 

Technical support, help, assistance, and genuine resources that work towards your desired outcomes, this is my approach.






Web promotion

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter… and actually many more alternatives are places where billions of people can be found each day.

Being able to present effective content, and use the advertising resources on these sites is very puzzling for many people.

This is another aspect of the services I provide. Context is very important for social media promotions, attention & relevance are the critical words.

I help you to review what you already have done, and to adjust your approaches so that you can actually gain results from social media.

There is a lot of nonsense being peddled out there concerning social media, we see corporate, and tech companies, and the highly generic ‘training’ being offered in government free education packages. This is not how you connect and communicate with people, all of this training, and official offering of ‘help’ is counter productive.

People who have little idea about social media, are being falsely directed, and encouraged to trivialize it. Very bad indeed for those people. 

We can use social media how we choose. There is a lot of negative talk about social media, but the media only reflects our society, we can use it in a positive, useful way, many people are in fact doing so.

Social Media can be a flexible communication tool for all types of specialist areas, from education, medicine, science, social and political subjects, the ability to create groups and communities with an already present audience is a potent reality.

Knowing how to post, or implement features, assemble pages, construct opportunities for interactive and valuable communication. Social Media is all about people, not cheesy strategies. Those in our society who talk against social media are those who have most to fear from being displaced by it. Does that sound provocative? You bet.


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Mass Media & Human Connection, Reaching Your Audience

podcast production & hosting

I help with audio production
Podcast Hosting & Production Support

I help people to produce, and host audio podcasts. The podcast is an audio media type, usually an MP3, sometimes a WAV file that is hosted in the ‘Cloud’.

You can also film your podcast sessions, which enables you to then gain additional exposure by uploading the videos to your YouTube channel, Bitchute, Vimeo e.t.c

There is a degree of confusion regarding the media types: Podcast = Audio, but they can also be videos…people such as Joe Rogan and Gary Vaynerchuk approach podcasting like this, for a very good reason: additional media platform exposure!

A video series which does not have any separate audio production is called a ‘VLOG’

You might be surprised to discover just how in-demand good podcasts really are. You might be equally surprised at the range of topics which podcasts can cover, probably including your area, or specialty.

A lot of people are looking at this space, but only those who devote energy and creative intentions win through, let me help you to bust through the noise. Avoid the generic corporate services if you value being 100% independent. 

Podcasting has much in-common with Radio, but we have the enormous distribution power of the web on our side, we don’t need any ‘Network owners’ to approve our production, we can go directly to our people.

Although the digital media world seems crowded, and difficult to break through, this is an illusion, there is a vast audience of willing and interested people who are very motivated to learn, and discover from your content, iTunes, Soundcloud and many other distribution platforms can help us, but we always publish firstly to our own Media Center.

We have to define our audience, this is where you begin, you then ‘reverse engineer’ from that point. Forget about “going viral”, that is 2003 talk. We need to be identifying exactly who our audience really is, focusing on your specific area is way more powerful than attempting to reach some vague abstract idea of ‘viral’. Being specific is really what today’s web culture truly values.

If you would rather produce something unique and powerful, have it hosted and supported then we can get started, I can help you to gain clarity, provide the technical means to publish your podcast.

*All Podcasts are hosted on AWS S3, the most powerful hosting in the world when you work with me and my team. Discover the difference of non-corporate web support and technical assistance.

Mike Gorman

Mike Gorman

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