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"The 'Digital Divide' determines more outcomes for today's communicators than just about any other factor"
Mike Gorman
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What follows is a general survey, a sketch of the areas I work with on your behalf, communication, presentation, publishing and the technical means to enable this all to take place.

You seek to publish on the web, you will need skills and resources in order to achieve this. I provide a unique range of Web & IT services.

Web media can include all of the multimedia types = Text, Graphics, Audio, Video. These are the media you work with on the web and what you need to be very familiar with.

All aspects of today’s world is based on how well you can communicate, specifically on the WWW, because this is the ‘mass-media’ of the 21st Century.

All of this is powered by Information Technology.

Building your presence, identity and content involves publishing on the web, I can help you with this beyond simply ‘techie’ services, I understand communication, expression, writing and building media on the WWW.

Blogging is one of those terms which many people think they know the meaning of, but when you delve a little deeper, you discover do not know at all.

Blogging covers a lot of territory, it has evolved and gained in sophistication from being tentative web-logging, to full blown publications which develop very specific subject areas.

Blogging requires you to produce.

You can be yet another ‘member’ of a 3rd party collective media company, or you can build your own media platform, complete with your distinctive identity and become a fully fledged ‘Media Owner’.

Which do you prefer, being someone else’s product, towing their line and ‘terms of service’, or becoming an individual, independent identity, building your own communities, and captaining your own vessel on the high seas of today’s mass media medium?

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Publishing on the web

Independent publishing on the web requires a specific range of resources, tools and skills. It also demands a very special mind-set, and genuine intentions.

Hosting refers to the cloud location of your page/application/podcast/media platform. I provide internet hosting for clients built from AWS infrastructure, you have the choice to publish with my resources. 

If you are a serious contender and you want an ‘inside edge’ which all of the other punters do not have, because they are being sucked into ‘exclusive’ looking services’ their friends get them involved with (and get an affiliate income from) then this should interest you.

Wix/Weebly/Squarespace/Other Options?

If you examine the genuine outcomes for the various web publications, like these: Web Projects  we can see that some very significant, and successful entities choose WordPress, when they are in the position to select whatever they wish. 

This is for a very good reason: The WordPress content management system is the most successful and powerful option for publishing web media.

Today we have many options choices, the services and resources I offer are most suited to specialist communicators, people who seek that extra layer of refined understanding when it comes to presenting specialist media, who seek insight and creative intuitive qualities.

What I provide will not suit everyone, and this is the whole point.

I offer distinctively different services and support for specific types of people, these match the following kinds of people best:

1.Educators Teachers, Instructors, Mentors, Coaches, Subject Specialists.

2. Media People Involved with Journalism & Specialist Blog Creation

3. Academics interested with forging their identity and presenting their work directly to their audience.

4. Creative People, Writers, Artists, Musicians, Ideas People

5. People who appreciate the opportunity of information technology to amplify their communication intentions

6. People who are seeking something beyond the generic, commercial options they see everywhere online-aggressively marketed on blogs, and promoted by ‘Gurus’ in those dinky little Facebook communities.

If you are a true individual, a genuine case, and not just another follower of the herd, another ‘me too’ blogger, then let’s get started!


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I help with audio production
Podcast Hosting & Production Support
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Creative Advice For Multi-Media Distribution

I help people to produce, and host audio podcasts. The podcast is an audio media type, usually an MP3, sometimes a WAV file that is hosted in the ‘Cloud’.

You can also film your podcast sessions, which enables you to then gain additional exposure by uploading the videos to your YouTube channel, Bitchute, Vimeo e.t.c

There is a degree of confusion regarding the media types: Podcast = Audio, but they can also be videos…people such as Joe Rogan and Gary Vaynerchuk approach podcasting like this, for a very good reason: you can increase exposure to your production.

A video series which does not have any separate audio production is called a ‘VLOG’ which is the video equivalent of Blogging.

Whatever terms you choose to apply to all of these digital media types, the enormous potential to reach specific audiences is made possible. The variable of success depends on how well you execute on the available tools, resources.

Nothing is assured, but if you offer value and a worthwhile exchange of time/attention you are more likely to build an audience, this applies to all media presentations.

Podcasting, whether you stick with a purely audio format, or include video offers us, as communicators a means to reach specific kinds of people. Learning, information, humor, satire, politics, social commentary – the range of topics is bewildering. 

If you would rather produce something unique and distinctive and have it hosted, promoted and distributed with my help, then I have some very special, and unique services which are not available on the mass platforms, the popular, crowded frantic spaces.

If you have read this far you are probably a little different to the average punter, go with your gut feeling and try something ‘atypical’.

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